Well written article thank you.You also do an excellent job in showing how entrenched and pervasive white supremacy is. The very act of a white person attempting to go out of the system can reinforce it. This reminds me of some mostly black areas, choosing not to accept bids from Whole Foods, and other natural grocery stores from fears it would draw white residents and lead to further gentrification.While I dislike this concept, I believe they are right. Being able to afford the property taxes, or rent where you stay, is more important than being ten minutes from a Whole Foods. White supremacy and racism, isn’t just white hoods and water hoses, it can be new “residential developments”, Panera Bread’s, and Whole Foods.Yes indeed, something I thought of but forgot to include in these two posts is the idea of multiple discovery, which is another argument against strong IP–most important innovations are arrived at independently by multiple people at around the same time, because they’re “in the air” or are the logical progression from what came before.So one of the funny things about IP driven pseudo-innovation is that it essentially mandates the artificial recreation of multiple discovery.

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